How to Raise Children Jewishly While They are Away at College

September 4, 2011

Souce: eJewish Philanthropy 


Rabbi Hershey Novack, campus rabbi and director of Chabad on Campus in the St. Louis area, raises some ideas for parents to help university students – their children – maintain a connection to Judaism by setting an example of Jewish involvement and by partnering with the agencies that bring Jewish life directly to young people.


Among his suggestions for parents:

  • Utilize modern technology, to role-model Jewish living from home while still allowing their children the space to grow up.

  • Carry out meaningful discussions with children in which they articulate their expectations and hopes, that are too often left implicit. Without a doubt, this conversation carries more weight when parents “walk the talk,” by role modeling a Jewish life.

  • Sending children care packages associated with Jewish holidays and themes.

  • Connect with the Jewish mentors who are there 24/7 on campus for students. Just as parents support their children’s secular education, it is imperative that they also support their children’s Jewish education at college by providing financial support to college Jewish organizations.

  • Provide love, support and space to children away at school.
Updated: Nov. 09, 2011