Big-Time Collaboration: A Peek Inside Baltimore’s Day School Consortium

Dec. 8, 2011

Source: PEJE Blog


Ross Bloom reports on Baltimore Jewish Day School Consortium in the PEJE Blog. The Consortium is a collaboration of four Baltimore area schools assisted by THE ASSOCIATED of Baltimore. Their collaboration has enabled these schools to pursue broader and more sophisticated marketing strategies with THE ASSOCIATED as a result of their connection with Baltimore’s Center for Jewish Education (CJE).


With THE ASSOCIATED's help, the Consortium has created a multi-touch marketing campaign that incorporates both online and brick-and-mortar messaging for these schools as a collective. Their website now boasts a brand created with the help of THE ASSOCIATED’s marketing department. Not only that: they’ve been able to move beyond merely having a static website to having a blog that features rotating stories from all four schools, a Facebook page, displays at local JCCs, and emails that market the schools to THE ASSOCIATED’s lists of thousands of young families and community members dedicated to Jewish learning. These four schools, which otherwise might have had difficulty getting the word out about open houses or their value propositions, are now able to spread their message to literally thousands of families within their potential market. They even get THE ASSOCIATED’s favorable ad rate when marketing at the JCCs or the Baltimore Jewish Times.

Updated: Dec. 28, 2011