How Do You Educate My Child To Be a Mensch?

February 23, 2012

Source: AVI CHAI Foundation Blog 


In response to a question recently posed by the AVI CHAI and Steinhardt Foundations: What would make day schools more attractive to non-Orthodox parents? Irene Lehrer Sandalow posted her reply on the AVI CHAI blog. "If Jewish day schools were known as institutions that meaningfully instill students with social justice values, would more non-Orthodox parents send their child? As a day school parent and a Jewish social justice activist, I believe that the unique merit of the day school is its ability to shape the next generation of menschen who are proudly rooted in Jewish tradition and actively engaged in the social issues of our time."


She concludes the post:

"Day Schools students, who are firmly grounded in Jewish culture, tradition, and history, develop the confidence and backing to deal with diverse communities and become outspoken advocates on issues they care about. If day schools can make that a visible priority of their school’s philosophy, the parents will feel more at home in their institution and find comfort to see their values celebrated and passed on to their children."


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Updated: Mar. 01, 2012