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Na’ale Elite Academy Program in Israel offers 9th and 10th grade students who display academic excellence a fully subsidized three year high school program in Israel. The program includes Hebrew Ulpan, all academic studies until graduation, extracurricular activities, full room and board, as well as many other exciting benefits. Na’ale has been operating for many years and with much success for young people from South Africa, South America, and all over Europe. Due to demand, Na’ale has expanded to include all of North America, the U.K., Australia, and more.

The program is run by the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Department of Immigration and Absorption which established the Na’ale framework to provide this unique and incredible opportunity for qualified teens to experience the wonders of life in Israel, learn a new language, and participate in meaningful and fun extracurricular activities all while getting a world class education.

Where are the Schools?

Na’ale Elite Academy Program in Israel students study at boarding schools that have been carefully chosen and specifically prepared for the purpose of running the Na’ale High School Program. There are several different streams of study available for participants: “Mamlachti” which is state school education, “Dati” which is religious boys or girls, and Chabad girls. Candidates together with their parents choose their preference of education prior to their arrival in Israel. During the first year in Israel, a major emphasis is put on teaching Hebrew. Regular academic subjects are taught in simple Hebrew and students receive supplementary assistance and translations into their mother tongue.

Who is eligible?

The Na’ale Elite Academy Program in Israel is intended for students who have successfully completed nine to ten years of schooling and wish to continue their high school education in Israel. Candidates are, however, accepted to 10th grade only. The course of study for participants consists of the last three years of high school, “yud, yud aleph, yud bet” (years 10,11 and 12 of studies) with the objective of completing the Israeli matriculation - a High School diploma recognized by most countries in the world.

For more information see the Na’ale Elite Academy website

Updated: May. 02, 2012