EdJewTopia: Israel Education in Complementary Settings

May. 27, 2012

Source: EdJewtopia


The May, 2012 issue of EdJewTopia, on the important topic of how we teach about Israel in complementary Jewish education. As complementary educators, one of our most important duties is to find a way to teach our students about why Israel is such an important, complicated and amazing place.

The iCenter offers an important take as to how educators in complementary settings should approach teaching Israel. Dr. Ilana De Laney discusses why it is so vital for educators in complementary settings to devote time to the subject of Israel and suggests a model for an integrated approach to Israel education. Alex Sinclair shares a piece which offers a thoughtful critique of Israel education.

This month's "cool tools" highlights fun games that can be played in various classroom settings and offers some more insight into this month's topic.

Updated: Jun. 05, 2012