From Birth-right to Birth-responsibility

June 6, 2012

Source: Alef 


Emily Comisar discusses a recurring question. How we get Birthright Taglit participants to feel a sense of responsibility to the community, to engage in it in whichever way is most meaningful and make it a more welcoming place for a rising generation of young Jewish adults? At a recent professional conference, she gained some insights about this question.


She writes:

"It doesn’t take a social researcher to tell us that young Jewish adults (or humans in general) want to be counted as more than simply a butt in a seat or a body in the door.


Let’s stop working so hard to be event planners and start being relationship builders. Maybe we can build a stronger community if, instead of counting heads, we tap into the entire person, figure out which of their talents and skills are necessary to make things happen, and let them know that they are the only ones who can do it."


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Updated: Jun. 19, 2012