Jewish Education “in a Café, Under a Tree, or in a Dorm”

October 23, 2012

Source: Jim Joseph Foundation


Renee Rubin Ross, Program Officer at the Jim Joseph Foundation, writes on their blog about the filling of 14 new experiential education positions funded by the foundation in three organizations: BBYO, Hillel and the Foundation for Jewish Camp.


She writes:

"This spring, Jim Joseph Foundation professionals watched closely as the Foundation for Jewish Camp, Hillel and BBYO conducted job searches for fourteen new experiential Jewish educator positions funded by the Foundation: six Nadiv educators who pivot between working at a Jewish camp during the summer and a day or synagogue school the remainder of the year; five Hillel Senior Jewish Educators (SJE) who utilize existing social networks to engage Jewish students in meaningful learning experiences on college campuses; and three Directors of Jewish Enrichment who are strengthening Jewish learning in BBYO. The recruitment and hiring practices for these positions offer important lessons about the future of experiential education and experiential educators…


The hiring of these experiential educators suggests that a different kind of educator – one who innovatively combines knowledge of Jewish text, strong teaching ability, and experience building communities and relating to others – is in demand now more than ever before. Creating and filling more of these positions may have great promise for the future of Jewish education."


Read the post on the Jim Joseph Foundation Blog.

Updated: Nov. 06, 2012