Day Schools Helping Day Schools Recover from Hurricane Sandy

October 31, 2012

Source: PEJE Blog


In response to the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Sandy, the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) called on the day school field to activate their social network of JDS and create an improvised program of school-to-school assistance to day schools in the New York Metropolitan area, and along the Eastern Seaboard, that have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.


On the PEJE Blog, day schools affected by the hurricane are asked to leave comments outlining how other schools could help them.


Jewish Day Schools ready to respond to a school in need, are asked to write directly to the school and mention, in the Comments section, their desire to help.


PEJE writes:

"Note: While there are many ways to help schools that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, we don’t want to focus on financial donations. Yes, money is vitally important here, but it’s not necessarily the ideal way for non-affected schools to show support. Instead, let’s use this forum, this network, to teach.


The fact is, many of our troubled schools are located in areas where power has not yet been restored and Internet connectivity is spotty. They aren’t online and plugged in and thus have not read about this project. Until these schools can fully communicate again, we must wait patiently.


In the meantime, let’s think with intentionality what non-affected schools can offer, and what our beleaguered East Cost schools might need. For instance:

  • Have your students imagine how they would feel if their JDS were washed out—and then to express their feelings in letters and cards to affected schools. Send the results to PEJE—88 Broad Street, Sixth Floor, Boston, MA, 02110; or—and we’ll see that they reach their destination.
  • Do a survey of the most important materials in your school. Ask students to identify the most useful and/or meaningful items, and start collecting them for the Sandy-afflicted day schools.

Get thinking about how your JDS can perform gemilut hasadim (acts of loving-kindness) for schools that need the help. Then post your ideas—along with the necessary contact information—in the Comments section, and we can get working together."


The UJA-Federation of NY’s day school professionals and SYNERGY: UJA-Federation of NY and Synagogues Together have also been compiling information in an online open Google Doc related to day schools and congregations who need assistance and day schools and synagogues who are able to provide it. There is one tab for Synagogues and another for Day Schools, between which you can navigate. You can utilize this information as a platform to make connections between congregations and day schools to facilitate offers of assistance.


For further information about projects, volunteer tips and how you can help, visit the UJA-Federation of NY’s website.

Updated: Nov. 06, 2012