Day School Grant Opportunity in Blended Learning


Source: BOLD Day Schools 


BOLD Day Schools will cultivate a cohort of innovative established Jewish day schools who are looking to lead the way toward the future of Jewish education through blended learning. Up to eight schools will be selected to design and implement sustainable and cost saving blended learning programs starting in the fall of 2013.

Blended learning is an innovative instructional model that has the potential to transform teaching and learning. Joining the best aspects of both face-to-face and online instruction, blended learning creates a highly productive learning environment. It allows teachers to align their instructional approaches to the particular academic needs of each student based on individualized feedback obtained from the computerized system. In addition to improved educational outcomes for students, blended learning educational models often result in cost savings through reducing schools’ personnel, facility, and textbook costs.

While numerous schools and school districts throughout the nation are already benefitting from the blended learning model, few Jewish day schools have explored it as a viable option. It is time to create demonstration proofs of successful blended learning in Jewish day schools. To accelerate this process, the Affordable Jewish Education Project (AJE), The AVI CHAI Foundation (AC), and the Kohelet Foundation (KF), are launching a new grant program, BOLD Day Schools (Blending Online Learning in Day Schools). BOLD Day Schools will ignite the unique potential of day school students through the creation and implementation of blended learning programs in existing Jewish day schools. We intend to use our collective resources to launch this program in up to 8 schools across the country in the fall of 2013. The process will be documented to measure the effectiveness of the model and provide guidance for additional schools to transition to blended learning in the future.

To qualify a school will submit a proposal that includes its vision for blended learning, an implementation plan, and a financial plan that outlines both cost savings and program sustainability. The RFP presumes that school-wide implementation will occur over a period of three years and that the program will be self-sustaining and cost-reducing in 1-3 years. Application instructions are detailed below.

Applications are due by April 30, 2013.

Get a complete description of this project and learn about the application process by participating in a webinar on any of the following dates:

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Updated: Apr. 28, 2013