HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Money Matters

Winter, 2014

Source: HaYidion – Winter 2014


Perhaps it is fitting that this Chanukkah issue of HaYidion is about gelt. The authors of the articles in this issue point out several significant trends and methodologies that can be helpful to schools, including information about tuition charges, working in collaborative relationships, accessing federal funds without encountering separation of church and state issues, and determining the value proposition of our schools. We believe that you will find this issue fascinating and recommend that you not put off reading it.


Among the articles in this issue are:

  • Can a School Control its Value? - Peter Gow
  • The State of Financial Aid in Jewish Day Schools - Harry Bloom
  • Transparency in School Compensation - Maccabee Avishur, Dina Rabhan and Shira Heller
  • If You Lower It, Will They Come? - Daniel Perla
  • The Four Levers of Jewish Day School Affordability and Sustainability - Yehudah Potok
  • Circles of Success - Suzy Bookbinder, Deborah Davidson Shapiro, and Mark Shpall
  • Money Talks: Exploring Values through the Lens of Money - Stefanie Zelkind
  • Economic Justice and Policy in Jewish Sources - Interview with Jonathan Brando
  • Fundraising Campaigns in our Schools
  • Funding Innovation - Todd J. Sukol
  • Strenghten the Core, Strengthen Leadership - Marc Baker
  • The Covenant Classroom: Big Change from Small Change - Harlene W. Appelman
  • An Open Letter to Jewish Philanthropists - Adam Tilove and Laurence Kotler Berkowitz
  • Funding Progress - Interview with Paula Gottesman
  • The Path Toward Jewish Day School Sustainability - Stephanie Bash-Soudry
  • Values-Driven Philanthropy - Adina Kanefield
  • Long-Term Solution to the Money Problems of Parochial Schools: Government Funding - Michael J. Broyde
  • Beyond Possible: Government Funding and Your Day School’s Responsibility - Maury Litwack
  • Accessing Public Funds for Special Education - Benjamin Mann and Deanna Stecker
  • Steps to Ensure Good Fiscal Oversight - Laura Matthews
Updated: Jan. 05, 2015