MOFET International Israel Seminars for Community Leaders and Educators – Summer 2015

Jul. 26, 2015

Source: MOFET International


Jewish educators and community leaders, this summer you are hereby invited to embark on a fascinating and challenging journey into the realm of Jewish memory in Eretz Israel. This journey is a personal as well as a professional (pedagogical and educational) experience that enhances the sense of belonging and commitment to the Jewish Peoplehood. During this journey, we will read texts and deal with dialogs of present, past, and future. We will tackle the question of the desire to be an inseparable part of the chain of Jewish generations (the dialog between past and present) on the one hand, and the desire to exert an influence on the education.

MOFET International will be running two professional seminars in Israel in July, 2015 for Jewish educators and community leaders.


Jewish Leadership in Israel - from the Times of the Bible to the 21st Century - July 7-16, 2015


We invite you to walk in the footsteps of our fathers and forefathers and get acquainted with various models of leadership from the ancient times of Jacob, through the times of King David and Rabbi Johanan Ben Zakai , and up to the leaders of the Jewish - Israeli nation in the modern era . In this seminar, we shall deal with models of Jewish/Israeli leadership by examining the participants’ management styles and consolidating ways of promoting community leadership in the framework of the role they are currently performing or will perform in the future. See here for further information and registration.


Every Woman Has a Story: The Role of Feminine Power in Designing Social-Educational Leadership - July 21-30, 2015


Every woman has a story, every woman has a secret. This seminar presents a unique opportunity to know and evaluate innovative women in Jewish and Israeli history, interpreted through women's perspective. See here for further information and registration.


The Leadership Seminars will focus on the following areas:

  • Historical aspect – Exposure to leadership narratives, to leaders' dilemmas in the context of the places in which the historical events occurred in the Land of Israel, and to the Jewish texts that tell their stories (the Bible, the Mishnah, the Talmud, and new Hebrew sources);

  • Contemporary aspect – The examination of the roles of Jewish community leadership with regard to topics such as the Hebrew language, the Hebrew calendar, the circle of Jewish life, Holocaust commemoration, production of events, and guidance of groups;

  • Future aspect – A discussion of the role of Jewish leadership in fostering Jewish and community identity and in positioning Israel among Diaspora Jewry;

  • Professional aspect – Assisting every participant in defining ways to develop his/her personal leadership, based on a variety of models.
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