Elite Israeli High Schools Open Their Doors to Americans– For Free

March 9, 2015

Source: Lirom Global Education


Six leading Israeli schools have opened their doors to American teens and best of all, not only is the tuition free, the programs are all expenses paid, with housing, meals, transportation, books, and spending money all covered. Even the flight out to Israel is free. The free high school in Israel programs are open to all Jewish students and offer a relief from the notoriously high tuitions paid for Jewish high schools in the US. Not only are the participating schools top tier academically, each features its own area of specialization, giving students a wide range of high school experiences to from which to choose.

You can choose religious studies or non-religious studies from 6 different high schools in Israel:

  • Mosenson High School- Urban high school with students from all over the world.

  • Ein Gedi High- A Kibbutz high school for environmental studies, arts and communication in the most unique place on earth.

  • Anieres Elite Academy- Engineering and Sciences program with the Technion. Fast track to your B.Sc.in Engineering (note: limited to 30 students).

  • Amana Ulpanat High School- religious studies for girls in Israel in Kfar Saba - scholastically ranked among the top 10 school in Israel.

  • Beit Chana High School- Chabad yeshiva high school for girls, where excellence meets spirituality.

  • Shaalvim Yeshiva High School - advanced Gemara studies, Hebrew Ulpan and full Bagrut degree

Attending high school in Israel offers many benefits. Students develop an intimate connection with their heritage and the Jewish people. Academically, they graduate with a Teudat Bagrut (matriculation certificate) just like an Israeli high school graduate, certifying that they have passed the state’s rigorous standards.


The free high school in Israel programs give the added benefit of being able to attend the equivalent of an American private school – normally a luxury costing upwards of $20,000-$25,000 a year – at no cost at all. Each school offers unique fields of specialization you will not find in most private schools – much less public schools. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in your children’s future – and all for a price you can afford.


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Updated: Apr. 02, 2015