Transform the Way You teach Jewish Texts at the Kevah Teaching Fellowship

May 31 - June 13-14, 2016)

Source: Kevah


At Kevah, we have years of experience running adult learning groups nationally, and we have developed a unique model that sees the educator as not just a content expert, but as a skilled facilitator who helps to create a “group chavruta". Transform the way you teach Jewish texts at the Kevah Teaching Fellowship! May 31 through June 14, 2016 in Berkeley, CA.

Building on our years of experience running small groups throughout the country, and the pedagogical model we developed in the 2013 Kevah Teaching Fellowship, Kevah has developed a model for adult education that harnesses the power of a decentralized, interactive, conversational approach. Our model allows the educator to act as both a content expert and – equally important – a skilled facilitator in the creation of a "group chevruta".


Our summer intensive will guide the educator through the full process of teaching adults, from first putting together the texts to the teaching experience itself. We will do intensive work on such skills as: text selection; creating a narrative arc; preparing opening and closing moments; asking good questions; dealing with group dynamics. Fellows will spend one week hearing from expert educators and practicing new skills, and the second week putting this into action as fellows prepare their own lessons. The Fellowship culminates on Shavuot with an opportunity for all fellows to teach in a community setting.

We are seeking to create a pluralistic cohort of gifted Jewish educators who want to develop their skills in Adult Jewish Education. Rabbinical students, graduate students and Jewish educators with strong backgrounds in Jewish learning are encouraged to apply.

A fee of $950 per fellow will cover tuition, housing, and one kosher meal per day for the 15-day fellowship. Full stipends are available to assist fellows in covering all the costs of tuition and housing. Travel stipends of up to $300 are also available. We encourage you to inquire about financial assistance.

Our program will be led by Kevah's Senior Rabbinic Educator, Rabbi David Kasher, and feature presentations from other experts in the pedagogy of adult education from around the country.

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Updated: Jan. 10, 2016