Pardes Seminar - Culture, Community and Conflict: From Text to Practice in Day Schools

March 27-29, 2016

Source: Pardes


The Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution and the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators present: Culture, Community and Conflict: From Text to Practice in Day Schools. This seminar, held from March 27-29, 2016, offers Jewish educators, working with grades 5-12, an opportunity to reflect upon their school culture of communication and integrate their Rabbinics and/or Tanakh curricula with conflict resolution education.

This program will address the need to create a culture of constructive conflict in your school, familiarize participants with core Jewish models of conflict engagement, help teachers gain the necessary tools to make text study matter to students and will provide a framework for participants to plan next steps for shaping a culture of constructive conflicts within their classrooms and schools.

The program includes Jewish text study, presentations by experts in the field, sharing sessions, collaborative work, practical problem solving and an integration of media and the arts.


Updated: Jan. 20, 2016


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