Hillel International Launches New Initiative to Build Talent Pipeline for Jewish World


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12. Hillel International recently announced an ambitious new project that seeks to strengthen the talent pipeline for Jewish organizations through new positions for recent college graduates on campuses across the country. The Springboard Fellowship http://www.hillel.org/get-involved/work-at-hillel/hillel-fellowships will train cohorts of young Jewish professionals in highly-valued skillsets and place them at local Hillel campuses for two years. The Springboard Fellowship is a reimagining of the Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps Fellowship, which Hillel ran from 1994 to 2008 and trained a generation of emerging Jewish communal leaders through their roles in Jewish student engagement.

Seeking to build the next generation of Jewish professionals and equip them with broadly applicable skills, this new fellowship hopes to serve 500 fellows in its first five years. The Springboard Fellowship comes as part of Hillel International’s Drive to Excellence http://www.hillel.org/docs/default-source/default-document-library/hille... and its efforts to recruit and maintain top-level talent, essential to increasing Hillel’s levels of student engagement on college campuses.

The Springboard Fellowship seeks to attract bright, talented young leaders and train them in critical, widely sought after skills while simultaneously steeping them in Jewish tradition and community. Promising competitive salaries, unique opportunities for innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and strong mentorship and peer education, the fellowship strives to attract a wide range of emerging Jewish leaders, including those who may have never considered Jewish professional work. In doing this, Hillel International hopes to build a pool of young talent that has both Jewish knowledge and the skills that Jewish organizations desperately need, while simultaneously equipping the next generation of young Jews to lead Jewishly and to be excellent professionals, wherever they go in their careers.

The fellowship began in the fall of 2016 with a pilot, or “Aleph,” year with 20 fellows. Hillel aims to grow the program to classes of nearly 100 fellows once it is fully implemented. The initial participants will choose between specialty areas in Innovation and Social Media. As the program grows, participants, local Hillels and Hillel International leaders will identify other critical areas of work for fellows to undertake. Fellowship participants will be jointly funded by Hillel International and by the local Hillel campuses that they serve.

Updated: Feb. 06, 2017