Tel Aviv High School Joins Jamie Oliver's Healthy Food Revolution

February 26, 2017

Source: YNET


Beef and beans stew, meatballs baked in hummus and other dishes that are rather foreign to the common Israeli teenager are what's on offer at the cafeteria of the Tichonet High School in Tel Aviv, which recently joined Chef Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

The Cafeteria Project, led by the city's Innovation Team sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, was launched in an effort to lower food costs at schools while at the same time offering healthier food to students. The project seeks to create a new model for the cafeterias in Tel Aviv's high schools that would allow them to offer students healthy, nutritious and delicious food at affordable prices.

In the coming weeks, the school's cafeteria will try out several different models, making different culinary offers to the 1,000 students. At the end of the trial period, a model will be formulated that will be financially feasible and include healthy and nutritious food that tested well with the students.

The project managers have already said that in light of the success of the pilot at Tichonet, they plan on expanding the project to other high schools in Tel Aviv.

Among the meals offered to students as part of the new project are meatballs baked in hummus, red and black beans in tomato sauce, chicken curry with carrots and whole grain rice, wraps with Chili con carne and acorn squash, and beef stew with peppers and beans.

Starting next year, the sale of food full of trans fats and excessive sugar will be barred from schools, including sodas, burekas (filled pastry), melawach and Jachnun (two types of Yemenite pastries), hot dogs and processed meat, schnitzels, chocolate bars, cakes, Croissant, Rugelach and other sweet pastries, and candy.

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