Apply Now for the 2018-19 Hidden Sparks Internal Coach Training Program


Source: Hidden Sparks Fund

Hidden Sparks is now accepting applications for its subsidized Internal Coach Program, designed to train faculty members of a school to be school-based experts on diverse learners. Coaches receive training and ongoing support as they help teachers identify specific learning strategies for students that are struggling. The designated faculty member(s) will receive training and on-site mentoring in understanding and teaching to diverse learning styles, strategies for struggling students, and skill development to become peer coaches.

Your school can designate one or more faculty members, including secular or Judaic studies teachers, guidance staff, resource room personnel and administrators to participate in our subsidized six day training. We encourage training faculty teams to take advantage of this resource and build school capacity in this area. Following the training, the “internal coaches in-training” receive in-school mentoring by a senior Hidden Sparks coach over the course of the subsequent academic year in order to hone their coaching skills. Select coaches will be eligible to continue on for a second year of mentoring as part of our Polinger coaches program.  

Updated: Feb. 11, 2018