International Student Writing Competition: Poems and Short Stories on “To Choose the Light, "Livchor Baor"

November 18, 2018

Source: MOFET International


The International Forum of Hebrew Teachers as an Additional Language is continuing its annual tradition, by conducting a writing competition for students around the world this year on the topic: “To Choose the Light, "Livchor Baor". The competition is sponsored by the Hebrew Writers Association.

"Look at the light and you will not see the darkness" (Helen Keller)

Think of a situation where a decision to change a point of view changed your attitude or approach to a particular event.

Think of an original event that opened your eyes (or somebody else’s eyes) and write a Hebrew song or a short story about it.

The contest judges will place emphasis on the originality of thought. The work may be entirely imaginary.

Important! Originality: The work must be original. Make sure that your students wrote it and that the work was not published elsewhere. A non-original work will be disqualified from the competition.

The competition will be divided into several groups:
Primary and junior high schools: 1. Beginning Hebrew level. 2. Medium Hebrew level. 3. High Hebrew level.

Secondary schools, universities and adults: 1. Beginning Hebrew level. 2. Medium Hebrew level. 3. High Hebrew level.

Final date of submission - Sunday, November 18, 2018. Works that arrive later will not be included in the competition.

Click here for more information about the competition.

Updated: Oct. 15, 2018