JGooders - Jewish-Israeli arenas of Good Doers


Source: JGooders1

JGooders is a newly launched online central, global, Jewish-Israeli arena of Good Doers, (aka Gooders). JGooders facilitates and broadens the opportunity to do good deeds by allowing visitors from all over the world to learn about Jewish/Israel social projects and contribute to and/or volunteer for them. As of mid-December, JGooders listed a total of 117 projects in nine countries, including 16 in the United States belonging to more than 30 Jewish/Israel charity organizations.

JGooders.com allows visitors to donate to any project which has been verified and hosted on the site - ensuring that the donation will not only reach the right people but will also go to the chosen cause. Four completely different ways of giving are provided on the site:

  • Donating anonymously - no identifying details will be passed on to anyone (including the charity).
  • Leaving a message for all to see on the project’s donors list, including name and address.
  • Giving donation as a gift to someone or honor someone by donating in their name.
  • The memorial wall – (Under construction) donating in memory of someone cherished.
    JGooders also sells gift vouchers which allow the recipient to donate to any of the site's listed projects.

Many of the projects on the site offer volunteer opportunities. With JGooders built-in advanced search options, it’s easy to find how and where to give time for one-time or ongoing volunteering.

The site also supports social networks started by participating organizations or individual members to discuss issues or support projects.

JGooders, which is a for-profit enterprise, deducts one per cent of all gifts to cover administrative costs. It makes its profit by charging an annual fee for each project an organization posts. The first project costs $180 to post; subsequent projects cost $144 each.

[1] Website unavailable by 2019.

Updated: Dec. 29, 2008