2009 MOFET JTEC Seminar in Israel for Diaspora Community Leaders

June 23 - July 13, 2009

Source: MOFET JTEC Small Communities Leadership Seminar


For the third consecutive year, MOFET JTEC and Soul Train are conducting a special Leadership Seminar in Israel for leaders of small Jewish Communities from around the world. During the three week seminar, the participants will study, tour the country, and meet prominent Israeli individuals such as ministers, Members of the Knesset, Ministry of Education officials, leaders of social organizations, and much more. The group will learn and deliberate about issues and topics that are of interest and concern to small Jewish communities. These discussions between the participants and seminar leaders will be continued after the seminar using digital communications.


Program Description


The seminar program, built on the framework of two previous seminars (the first in Summer 2007 and the second in Summer 2008), consists of:

  • a range of theoretical topics (including Israeli society, Israel in the Middle East, Hebrew studies, acquaintance with different versions of prayers, Zionism and migration through the generations, Jewish leadership during the Holocaust, the Jewish circle of life, production of events, traditions and customs, the circle of the Jewish year, Jewish identity, and representing the State of Israel and the people of Israel in the Diaspora);
  • study trips (Jerusalem and its surroundings, various museums, the Arava and the Dead Sea, the Diaspora Museum, the Palmach Museum, the Hall of Independence, Masada, Ein Gedi, Netivot, Beer Sheba, Arad, Atlit, Haifa, Oranim College, Megiddo, Zippori, the Sea of Galilee, the Old City of Safed, the kibbutzim of the north and Israel's wars);
  • cultural activities (including ethnic-Jewish music, Jewish films, Israeli dancing, Sabbath hospitality in private homes, art activities and meetings with representatives of various social organizations).


Registration Information

The Seminar will take place from June 23 - July 13, 2009 .

The participation fee is $500. All other costs (excluding flights) are covered by MOFET JTEC and Soul Train.

Contact  tova@macam.ac.il for further information and program applications.

Updated: Feb. 12, 2009