The Steiner Internship in Yiddish Studies

June 14 to July 24, 2009

Source: The Steiner Internship in Yiddish Studies


The Steiner Internship Program at the National Yiddish Book Center selects 18 students for six weeks of immersion in Yiddish culture. The interns study the Yiddish language, the Jewish culture and history of Central and Eastern Europe and America, pursue a research or translation project, and delve into the Yiddish Book Center's comprehensive collection of Yiddish literature.


Each intern is provided with free tuition; undergraduate college credit for two courses is available. Limited housing subsidies are available, based on need.


Over the summer, interns participate in a daily, 90-minute Yiddish language course, followed by a 90-minute class taught by visiting faculty who are in residence at the Book Center for a week or two at a time. Supplementary lectures and workshops are taught by leading scholars of Yiddish and Jewish Studies and prominent Yiddish cultural activists.


The Steiner Internship program runs from June 14 to July 24, 2009, and is open to all full-time university students. Students who are not enrolled in a degree-granting program as of January 1, 2009 are not eligible.

Updated: Feb. 26, 2009