Israel Diplomatic Fellowship


Source: Taglit-Birthright Israel


The Israel Diplomatic Fellowship is a six-month fellowship open to all college-graduated Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni living in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The fellowship will consist of monthly meetings, cultural dinners and events, and will culminate with an optional Taglit-Birthright Israel-style trip back to Israel.


Birthright Israel NEXT has teamed up with Israeli consulates to provide informative monthly gatherings. The meetings deal with issues such as Israel and the United Nations, branding Israel, Israel's culture through films and its political establishment.


The Taglit-Birthright Israel-style trip is optional and partially subsidized. During the trip participants hear NGOs and government officials, visit the Foreign Ministry and meet politicians.


During the past year, ninety young people participated in the fellowship about half of which participated in the Israel mission.

Updated: Sep. 10, 2009