Learning to Teach Online - ORT Israel

Oct. 05, 2009

Source: ORT Israel 


In the beginning of October, 2009, a unique project for learning to develop online lessons across the curriculum was launched. The project has been undertaken by ORT Israel's Administration for R&D and Training. Seventy teachers who are participating in the project will learn the principles of developing online lessons, develop online lessons and use them in their classes. These teachers, who are meant to be leaders of pedagogical innovation in the ORT network of schools, have been equipped with Netbook personal computers to facilitate their work.


The "continuous dialogue" teaching approach, developed over the last years at ORT, works both on the cognitive and affective – motivational aspects of learning. Integrating online lessons for autonomous student learning will provide teachers with another tool to use in the "continuous dialogue" approach of teaching and learning.


In light of this, ORT's Administration for R&D and Training has decided to develop online lessons for autonomous student learning in all curriculum areas. During the 2009-10 school year, 70 teachers from 24 ORT schools will participate in the online lesson development program. The teachers have been equipped by the ORT administration with Netbook computers and software to facilitate their work.


During the 2009-10 school year, a seven - session in-service training program will be held for the participants at the ORT Moshinsky Center in Tel Aviv. There the teachers will work as school - based staffs for developing the online units. Each school staff will develop one media – rich online unit based on the principles of "continuous dialogue". The units will be presented to students as a "pilot". Teacher and student feedback will be gathered and analyzed to be used in revision of the units before adoption in the curriculum. The project will be observed and assessed by an external professional team from the Oranim Teacher's College.

Updated: Nov. 08, 2009