The Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies - Faculty Seminars & Courses


Source: US Holocaust Memorial Museum


The Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies Faculty Seminars are designed to strengthen teaching about the Holocaust at American institutions. Three seminars are organized each year to assist faculty members who are teaching or preparing university-level courses on the Holocaust by providing them with resource materials, model presentations on key issues, and suggested approaches for teaching difficult topics. The seminars focus on a specific academic discipline or subject and are taught by leading figures in the field. Each seminar typically engages 20 faculty members annually. The Museum defrays the cost of accommodation and travel for all non-local participants and offers some opportunities to use the Museum's extensive Library and Archives. The first seminar focusing on strengthening Holocaust teaching at the college and university levels was taught by Raul Hilberg in 1999.


Curt C. & Else Silberman Seminar for Faculty


The Silberman Seminar is held annually during the first two weeks of June. The Curt C. and Else Silberman Foundation endowed the Silberman Seminar for Faculty in memory of Curt C. and Else Silberman. The Foundation supports programs in higher education that promote, protect, and strengthen Jewish values in democracy, human rights, ethical leadership, and cultural pluralism.


Jack and Anita Hess Seminar for Faculty

The one-week Jack and Anita Hess Seminar for Faculty is held annually during the first week of January. This seminar was endowed by David Hess of Arizona and Edward Hess of Georgia in memory of their parents, Jack and Anita Hess, who believed passionately in the power of education to overcome racial and religious prejudice.


The 2010 Seminar examines the Holocaust through case-studies from Nazi-occupied areas of the Soviet Union and explores the actions, motivations, and responses of perpetrators, collaborators, bystanders, and victims to aspects of the genocide that have previously received less scholarly attention.


Annual Seminar for Seminary and Religious Studies Faculty

This seminar offers professors of philosophy, theology, ethics, and religious studies an overview of the history of the churches during the Holocaust, both inside and outside Nazi Germany, and the ways in which religious leaders of all faiths have addressed the Holocaust since 1945. The seminar focuses on a particular theme or historical aspect in alternate years. Each seminar includes special presentations by experts in the field; a review of curricular resources, new research, and publications; and an introduction to the Museum's resources for scholars.

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