YU University-School Partnership Continuing Education Program Sessions

Fall, 2009

Source: YU – Continuing Education Program


The Institute for University-School Partnership presents an array of online continuing education webinars for teachers, administrators, support coordinators and lay leaders for Fall 2009.


Five series of sessions were developed in response to the feedback the Institute received from administrators, teachers, support coordinators and lay leaders to their Online Continuing Education planning survey last June. Each series offers intensive training targeted to develop knowledge, understanding and skills of Jewish day school professionals in a specific area. At the same time, individuals may find sessions in more than one series to be beneficial to them. The five series are: Leadership, Differentiated Instruction, Social-Emotional Skill Building, Enhancing Jewish Studies and Interactive Media.


The following webinars are being offered in November, 2009:

Strategies for Differentiating Jewish Studies in Lower School
Mrs. Melanie Eisen

What are the Images of Principals that Emerge from TV and Film?
Dr. Jeffrey Glanz

Ein Shaliach L’Dvar Aveyrah:Would the Godfather be guilty in a court of Jewish Law?
Rabbi Steven Eisenberg

Revitalizing Tefilla in Lower School Through Differentiation
Mrs. Mindy Reiss

Thinking About Jewish Education Part #1
Dr. Yoel Finkelman

What are the 4 Frames of Leadership?
Dr. Jeffrey Glanz

Teaching Tanakh with Online Media
Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky

Thinking About Jewish Education Part #2
Dr. Yoel Finkelman

Integrating Parallel Sources in Tanakh Instruction
Ms. Adina Luber

Educator’s Role in Addressing Child Sexual Abuse
Dr. David Pelcovitz

Updated: Nov. 08, 2009