The Curriculum Initiative – Supporting Jewish Culture and Identity at Independent High Schools


Source: The Curriculum Initiative 


The Curriculum Initiative is the premiere organization providing Jewish resources, student leadership opportunities, and cultural programming on independent high school campuses. It is the only organization specifically working with Jewish students and their friends at independent, non-Jewish high schools; a group comprised of tens of thousands of teens. TCI’s methodology has been informed by more than 13 years of experience working within the independent school community, granting unique insight into how to engage this elusive population of teens.


By working directly with the schools, TCI creates and provides content for Jewish student clubs, all-school programming, classrooms, and inter-school retreats. Each program is designed to engage students and their peers by making it easy to participate, inclusive to all, and by creating opportunities for leadership training, exploration of identity, and service learning; all experienced through a Jewish lens. TCI has an active presence at close to 75 schools in four regions: New England, Metro New York, the Mid-Atlantic, and the San Francisco Bay Area.


TCI provides resources and training for educators to explore religious and cultural identity through a Jewish framework. TCI’s teacher training sessions help educators at independent schools to more effectively support Jewish student programming and integrate Jewish content and methods into their classrooms in relevant and meaningful ways.


TCI also provides grants to support creative student-driven projects as well as national student leadership retreats.

Updated: Apr. 29, 2010