Limmud FSU Nobel Prize Winners Festival Held in Jerusalem

July 21-23, 2010
Source: Limmud FSU
Three action - packed days of activity have finally finished at Kiryat Moriah in Jerusalem, as Limmud FSU Jerusalem 2010 came to an end on July 23, 2010. About 1200 participants from twenty-three towns and cities around Israel and from five additional countries attended 150 sessions, including 15 round-table discussions led by 250 presenters.
The three days were spread over three different venues - the Kiryat Moriah educational campus of the Jewish Agency, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center and the house, now also a museum, of Nobel laureate for literature, Shai Agnon. Agnon was one of the 26 Nobel prize winners originating in the Tsarist Empire, the Soviet Union and in Israel, who were honored at this Limmud, which like all the others this year, was held under the theme of Jewish Nobel prizewinners, including of course, three Nobel prize winners for peace, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin and President Shimon Peres.
The sessions were rich in content and diversity. As in all Limmud programs, at any one time, participants had numerous activities to choose from. Among the sessions, a discussion among senior advisors to three former prime minister’s – Begin, Peres and Rabin – on the approach of each leader to not only their public speeches, but speech-writing in general.
New at this program, for the first-time, was live-streaming with a continuous selection of events available on several websites, including eJewish and Limmud FSU, for all three days.
Limmud Jerusalem was the third Limmud FSU event to take place this year, being preceded by one in Truskavets (near Lvov, Ukraine) and in Moscow. The next one will take place in Hampton, Long Island, New York, where more than 700 young Russian-speaking American Jews are expected to participate in a one-day Limmud on 15 August. Still to come in 2010 is Limmud FSU Odessa, Ukraine, and in 2011, others in Saint Petersburg and elsewhere.
Updated: Aug. 17, 2010