At Moishe House Birthright Moves In

August 25, 2010
Moishe House, a growing network of subsidized communal residences for young Jewish adults, recently announced it would team up on Shabbat programming with Birthright NEXT, an initiative that helps the free Israel trip alumni deepen their engagement in Jewish life. Located in 20 North American communities, from Palo Alto to Philadelphia to Great Neck, Moishe Houses already host Friday night dinners regularly — around two per month each — but directors hope to benefit from NEXT’s programming and extensive network of Birthright alumni.
Since both organizations share many of the same funders, including the Jim Joseph Foundation and Lynn Schusterman, it was only natural to share resources and programming in order to effectively reach a wider audience.
NEXT Shabbat programming involves a specially packaged curriculum called the “Shabbox", a cardboard box that contains “all the special equipment needed for a Shabbat meal. The "Shabbox" helps the participants feel more natural about participating in the Shabbat ritual.
Moishe House and Birthright NEXT leaders expect both the population and the frequency of Shabbat dinners to increase with the implementation of the cooperation.
Updated: Oct. 17, 2010