Tikvah Israel Seminars for Post-High School Students


Source: Tikvah Israel Seminars 


The Tikvah Fund is pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for the 3rd cycle of the Tikvah Israel Seminars for Post-High School Students. The program, which includes 30 participants from various yeshivot and seminaries, provides a forum for interdisciplinary study and thoughtful discussion on the philosophical challenges and practical dilemmas facing contemporary Judaism. The seminars, which are free of charge and include two retreats and complimentary meals, are scheduled to avoid conflicts with the students' schedules in their respective Israel programs.


This year's program will feature two themes: "Jewish Values & Contemporary Ethics in the State of Israel" and "The Impact of Tanakh on Jewish and World Culture: An Interdisciplinary Approach." The program includes different types of presentations on various topics related to the program themes, with some presentations more philosophical or abstract and others relating to practical challenges. Past speakers have included Dr. Micah Goodman, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Dr. Daniel Gordis, Meirav Jones, Rabbi David Stav, Rabbi Shaul Farber, Prof. Asa Kasher, Prof. Aviad Hacohen, and other prominent figures.


The first seminar will take place mid-October at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, with subsequent seminars every three weeks until mid-June. The format of each seminar varies, including debates, panel discussions, and lectures. Regular sessions take place on Friday mornings between 9:15 AM – 2 PM to avoid conflicting with program schedules. Two weekend retreats will take place over the course of the year. When necessary, transportation is provided to prevent conflicts with program schedules. A delicious brunch will be served at each meeting. Students must commit to constant attendance, prepare one or two readings before each seminar, and actively participate in discussions.


The 2012-2013 (5773) curriculum will center on two major themes and explore the following questions:



Jewish Values & Contemporary Ethics in the State of Israel

  • Democracy and Judaism: Can religious and democratic values coexist in the State of Israel?
  • Zionism and Jewish Identity: What is the relationship between Zionism and Jewish identity in Israel and the Diaspora?
  • Halakha and Israeli Law: What role does halakha play in the Supreme Court, Knesset, and the public sphere?
  • Jewish Values in State Institutions: How do contemporary values and Jewish law get implemented within the IDF and Chief Rabbinate?

The Interdisciplinary Study of Tanach

  • Philosophy in the Bible: In what ways is the Bible a source for ancient and contemporary Jewish and Western philosophy?
  • The Bible and the Ancient Near East: What insights do archaeology and literary works of antiquity offer to our understanding of Tanach?
  • Literary Theory and Hermeneutics: Do contemporary theories of literature help or hurt our interpretation of the Torah?
  • Politics & Polemics: How did the Bible impact medieval Jewish-Christian polemics and what role does it play in current Middle East politics?

For more information visit the Tikvah Israel Seminars website.

Updated: Sep. 13, 2012