Hundreds of Birthright Alumni Expected to Create and Host Passover Seders


Source: NEXT Passover Seders


Hundreds of young Jewish adults from across the country are expected to re-imagine, create, and host Passover Seders with friends with help from NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel. To host, Birthright Israel alumni register with NEXT up until April 14th to receive resources and a small stipend designed to empower them to host personally meaningful and unique Seders. Since 2011, more than 1,000 NEXT Passover Seders have been hosted for thousands of young Jewish adults.


NEXT Passover Seders empower Birthrighters to build a Jewish experience from the ground up. As part of these efforts, NEXT will provide a special guide this year to help young adults create and reinvent Passover rituals. The guide highlights rituals that Birthrighters have created at past NEXT Seders, as well as resources for customizing them.


Many of those who have hosted NEXT Passover Seders in the past say they enjoy the traditions of the holiday and have fond memories of celebrating when they were younger. Now, they note, they want to “own” and share that experience with peers – last year, more than 50 percent of those who signed up said it was their first time ever hosting a Passover Seder.


NEXT’s other do-it-yourself (DIY) offerings, including its High Holidays Initiative, aim to make Jewish experiences more accessible to Birthright Israel alumni. Additionally, NEXT’s flagship initiative, NEXT Shabbat, has helped more than 7,600 Birthright Israel alumni host more than 17,800 Shabbat meals for their friends, creating Jewish experiences that have drawn a total attendance of tens of thousands of young adults.


For more information, Seder planning resources and registration visit Birthright NEXT

Updated: Apr. 02, 2014