Hartman Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar 2015 Program

June 30 - July 9, 2015

 Source: SHI - Shalom Hartman Institute

The Hartman Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar is an annual 10-day study program that enriches rabbis of all denominations and nurtures their capacity to inspire their communities, excite them by the Jewish tradition, and motivate them in their quest for meaning. During the summer 2015 seminar, June 30-July 9, 2015, the faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute will explore and teach Justice and Righteousness: Personal Ethics and National Aspirations.


Leading scholars in Bible, Talmud, Jewish philosophy and theology, Jewish history and Jewish mysticism will join participants in exploring the Jewish values of Justice and Righteousness and their application in the North American and Israeli public squares.


Questions for exploration will include:

  • What do “justice” and “righteousness” mean? How have these terms evolved within Jewish tradition?
  • What is the human responsibility in establishing a just society?
  • In a world of growing political and religious polarization, do the values of “justice and righteousness” lose their meaning when they are invoked to justify diametrically opposite positions and actions?
  • When does the pursuit of righteousness blur into self-righteousness?
  • How is the personal pursuit of justice different from its national pursuit?
  • How do the North American and Israeli Jewish communities differ in their discussion about “justice”? And what are the implications of that difference?
  • What are the calls for justice in Israel and for World Jewry today?

The intensive, 10-day seminar comprises lectures by Institute scholars, tutorials and small group learning, as well as encounters with leading Israeli thinkers, artists, writers, politicians, and leaders of North American Jewry.


Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar is open to rabbis of all denominations from every corner of the globe who aspire to deepen their pluralistic knowledge of Judaism, expand their first-hand experience of Israel, and develop interdenominational dialogue.


Program and registration information is available here.

Updated: Jan. 28, 2015