Hidden Sparks Blended Learning Lenses Course Registration Open


Source: Hidden Sparks Fund 


Hidden Sparks is pleased to offer its popular Learning Lenses Course now as a blended course — combining the best of in-person and on-line learning. Learning Lenses, a collaboration between Hidden Sparks and The Churchill School and Center, is Hidden Sparks’ core curriculum, designed for faculty members of day schools and yeshivot. The Learning Lenses curriculum helps educators learn how to observe, reflect and plan for all students in their classrooms.


Using multiple lenses (developmental, temperamental, ecological) and real-life case studies, educators learn to understand student strengths and challenges, and identify strategies for all learners, including those who struggle academically and present challenging social-emotional issues. Educators will expand their instructional and conceptual toolboxes to improve student achievement.


The 6-week course is framed by an in-person training day the first week of the course, followed by 5 weeks of online learning, and culminates with an in-person training day at the end of the course. The weekly on-line modules can be completed on the participant’s schedule, and include training videos, readings, and discussion. There will be many rich on-line opportunities to connect, share, and discuss the material with other participants and the facilitator, including two live webinars hosted by the course facilitator.


Hidden Sparks is a nonprofit whose purpose is to help children with learning differences reach their full potential in school and life. Hidden Sparks develops and supports development programs for Jewish day schools to help increase understanding and support for teaching to diverse learners.


Hidden Sparks is guided by a philosophy that every child is unique with individual talents, strengths and challenges. We believe it is important to nurture and celebrate the ‘hidden spark’ within each child and to uncover obstacles when a child is struggling. We also believe that to develop an understanding of a student, one must observe the student’s behavior and analyze it through multiple lenses.


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Updated: Apr. 29, 2015