Honeymoon Israel Poised to Connect More Couples to Jewish Life

August 13, 2017

Ssource: eJewish Philanthropy


Honeymoon Israel has received a $1.5 million three-year investment from the Jim Joseph Foundation to grow in its existing 14 cities, to expand to new cities, and to further develop and refine how it helps trip participants build their Jewish community once they return home. While the organization is only two years old, already nearly 1,000 couples (out of 3,100 who applied) have either participated on one of the first 34 trips, or have been accepted to participate on future Honeymoon Israel trips through May 2018. Approximately 500 couples have applied and are qualified to participate, but have not yet been accepted due to limited capacity.

Each trip includes 20 diverse couples from the same city so they can continue to maintain friendships and build Jewish community with one another after the trip. Honeymoon Israel is welcoming of couples of all backgrounds, including LGBTQ, interfaith, couples where both partners were born Jewish and couples where one partner has converted/Jew by choice. Participants are early in their committed relationship (within five years of marriage) and are interested in building homes and families with deep and meaningful connections to Jewish life and the Jewish people. Eighty-five percent of couples say they feel a new sense of belonging to the Jewish community and a connection to Israel after Honeymoon Israel.

While still in start-up phase, the concept and model of the trip is proven successful by an independent evaluation from Rosov Consulting. The new investment from the Jim Joseph Foundation and other recent funders will help the organization scale the model to engage more couples in effective and meaningful ways both during the trip and after.

The independent evaluation, in addition to demonstrating successful post-trip community building, shows myriad other positive outcomes from the trip: after Honeymoon Israel, a partner who previously felt less “ownership” of Judaism now feels a more common and “level” connection to Jewish life as her or his partner; partners are more comfortable talking to each other about religion; couples are engaging in Jewish life, such as community events and synagogue programs because other Honeymoon Israel couples attend; and couples feel more included and a part of “the Jewish family,” a powerful message they receive on the trip that stays with them back home.

With the generous support of funders, Honeymoon Israel subsidizes each trip to cost $1,800 per couple. To date, Honeymoon Israel has launched in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver/Boulder, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Richmond, San Diego, San Francisco & Washington DC.

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Updated: Aug. 30, 2017